WSN Mechanism using AOL by setting RWPB Handover Mechanism

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Annavaram Kiran Kumar, Dr. R. Praveen Sam, Dr. K. Madhavi


Sensor nodes are dynamic in nature and the nodes tend to move dynamically during the course of time. The movement is done beyond boundary limitation using its random approach and the data transmission is done accordingly depends on the way it moves. Such approach is termed RWP and its works based on the node movement velocity within the boundary addressed using RWPB. The sensor node velocity distribution is uniformly distributed and the velocity is affected when the nodes are restricted within boundary. In this work, the concept is addressed with the node movement using sensor node handover mechanism. The work further addresses the delay distribution by minimizing the risk of active sensor node and its velocity distribution. The delay distribution is addressed with the latency avoidance inorder to avoid packet loss and its delay. Overall the work uses the concepts of RWPB along with efficient handover mechanism avoids sensor node delay when there is change in velocity and thus provide efficient hand over mechanism.

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