Violence in Graphic Novels

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Smita Mohanty


It is not a genre to write a "graphic novel." Fiction, nonfiction, historical fiction, fantasy and anything in between can all be found in graphic books. Sequential art is used to tell a story in graphic novels, just like in comic books. While comic books tend to be one-off stories, graphic novels tend to be stand-alone with more complicated plots. This study is a critical analysis of the graphic Novels regarding violence. The research on social information processing in aggressive youngsters provides an explanation for the connection between reading violent comic books and violence. The aim of this study is to provide an overview of the many uses of violence in graphic novels. A larger focus could include comparisons with other media, such as film, literature, and the fine arts. Particular approaches of violence, such as a closer examination of violent language or imagery, or their omission from several perspectives, could be the subject of more in-depth research. The violence in graphic novels is a valuable source for research and is far more nuanced than in Boom, Zack, Pow.

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