The Problem of Linear Multiple in Regression: Concept and Treatment

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Sama Saadi Ali Al Hashemi, Rehab Kadhim Hamza Al-Mafraji


       Multiple linear regressions is consider of one of the most common statistical techniques used by researchers in different fields. Often to multi-linear problem researchers face when building a multi-linear regression model The problem of  multi-linear of the big problems facing a researcher at the Regression because they lead him to the wrong conclusions about moral of variables illustrations We found this problem in the data illustration  variables for the production of small industrial plants in Iraq (Where we adopted a sample of the production of small industrial plants for the duration of( 1997-2009) as come to the statistical group in 2011 [3] [7] We used gradual regression methods to overcome them and found that the two variables(production requirements) and (wages and concessions) can able to explain 91% from the differences in the quantity of production of these plants

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