A Solution Procedure for Fully Fuzzy Linear Fractional Model with Ranking Functions

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Rasha Jalal Mitlif


This work is about a type of fully fuzzy fractional linear programming problem (FFFLPP) in which all of the objective function (OF) and constraint coefficients and decision variables (DV) are fuzzy numbers (FN). To tackle these issues, a strategy based on the three ranking function method (TRFM) is offered. We employ the simplex method (SM) to deal with constraints and the ranking function method (RFM) of fuzzy numbers (FN) to rank fuzzy objective functions in order to arrive at an optimal solution (OS). It is proposed a computational approach for obtaining an optimal solution (OS).Finally, to demonstrate the proposed method, a numerical example is provided. The results show that when using the ranking function method (RFM) to transform fully fuzzy linear programming problem (FFFLPP) to linear programming problem (LPP) and solved by using simplex method (SM) to obtain the optimal solution (OS), the proposed strategy provides a superior optimal solution (OS).

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