Following the scheduling and its role in the achievement of the Central Bank of Iraq

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Areej Abbas Fadhil, Awss Hatim Mahmoud


Most companies nowadays seek the success and completion of the project within the specified time,Although the projects have been managed since agesOld, but when reviewing studies nrevealed that stonesthe cornerTheoretical methodologiesProject management successNot yet agreedWhereThe success of a project is affected by many different factors that are beyond the control of managementThe projectjustDreatTThe scheduling study and its management within the established plan and its impact on the success of the project in the environment of the Central Bank of Iraq building project.

The study aims to measure the extent to which project scheduling is applied in the details of the work paragraphs upon implementation and its impact on the success of the project.DAAX) By submitting work schedules and implementing them within the time specified for scheduling in the project of the construction of the Central Bank of Iraq and its impact on the success of the project within the time for the reinforced concrete sections, the building of the Central Bank of Iraq was selected and the researcher conducted a survey of the opinions of a sample of (91) engineers and consultantsnWithin the project team, the study relied on the exploratory study approach according to a questionnaire prepared to survey the opinions of the sample of the study, which includes the independent variable scheduling (management of the scheduling plan, scope management, project time management, quality and cost management) and the dependent variable on the success of the project (support of senior management, the entity Executing (contractor), project team, follow-up and evaluation, communications) in addition to conducting personal interviews with the company’s work team and project management officials to identify the nature of the work, the researcher used a number of measurements and statistical programs, a programSPPSS V24ProgramsAMOS V24On the practical side to get to the results. The results confirmed that the occurrence of continuous change during the life cycle of the project can be negative or positive and must be subject to control, as we find that the time extension period has changed in the project several times during implementation, and despite this change, the concrete blocks were delivered fifteen days ahead of time.

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