The Effect of Training Using the Innovative Starting Device to Develop Some Physical Abilities of the 100-Meter Runners Under 20 Years Old

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Hassanein Hussein Abd Ali, Dr. Zaidoun Jawad Muhammad


The purpose of this paper isto design an innovative device to develop the achievement for the 100-meter runners under 20 years old and to identify the effect of the exercises using the innovative device between the pre and post-tests of the control and experimental group to develop the achievement. The research was done by the intentional method, as the research community included the top eight players in the Iraq Championship for Athletics, the third round of the season (2021), and their number (16) players, (4) players were selected for the exploratory sample and (8) players who managed to reach the finals of the 100 meters race in the Iraq Championship for the 2021 season, and they represent the research sample with a percentage of (50%) of the original community,As for the most important conclusion, training using the innovative starting device had a positive effect on the achievement of 100-meter runners under 20 years old for the experimental group.

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