Reforming State Enterprises - New Threats or New Opportunities for the Development of Uzbekistan's Economy?

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Rasulev Alisher Fayziyevich, Shomurodov Tokhir Boymurodugli, Babajanova Malika Ruzimovna, Abdukadoriva Kamola Azimovna


To implement the goals of the dynamic development of the Uzbekistan`s domestic economy declared by the country's leadership in the context of significant foreign policy and internal economic contradictions, it is necessary that both the goals and objectives of the socio-economic policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan correspond to the current relations of appropriation and alienation of property both within the country and in relation to other economic systems. At the same time, it is necessary to proceed from the understanding of property relations as, first of all, permanently changing social relations. The transformation of property relations occurs not only and not so much under the influence of external factors, but also primarily as a result of the implementation of its immanent internal logic, emanating from the historical dynamics of development.

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