Management of Human Capital Development in an Innovative Economy: Methodological, Theoretical and Practical Approaches.

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Gairat Zuvaitovich Ubaydullaev


The goal of this research is to look at the methodological, theoretical, and practical foundations of human capital development in Uzbekistan's innovative economy. The New Uzbekistan, which is attempting to usher in an era of Renaissance awakening, is investing heavily in research, education, health, and culture in order to develop human capital, which will contribute to the advancement of world civilizations and a number of countries. The fundamental goal in the formation of human capital was to make comparisons with the creations of our historical-encyclopedic scientists and to find connections in the development of the educational system. Theoretical basis and development of the organizational and economic impact of Human Capital Management in the creative economy in the country's development path.The system of professional orientation of the individual in the process of formation of human capital in the interests of innovative development is aimed at the formation of social demand for the training of the owners of new professions and the development of compensations that meet the needs.

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