Design, Implementation and Evaluatinga Method and Device for Speed Reduction of Offender Cars by Police

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Mehrdad Fojlaley, Mansoor Ahmed Malik, Mehdi Farzpourmachiani, Salar Basiri, Ali Farzpourmachiani, Mahmoud Daneshfar, Mohammad Ali Rajabi Torbehbar, Amir Khodadadi Parashkouh


This paper presentsan innovative and noninvasive device and method for speed control of outlaw cars in highways and streets. The paper describes a system which utilizes a radio frequency actuated subsystem, a fuel reduction valve or fuel pump flow control module, an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), a Global Positioning System (GPS) module and an advanced microcontroller unit. The system can be used in almost all kind of cars despite their varieties. The Police forcesshould use a two factor authentication method to activate system in emergency situation. This invention has been filed as a provisional patent application in the USPTO and the registration number is 62827063.

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