intelligent iot based real time poultry monitoring system using ubidots

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Akshay Varma, Prof. Nilima Warade


Poultry farm is proposed for controlling different environmental conditions. There are different choices to maintain the climatic conditions like purifying, freezing, light, covering ceiling etc. Such processes are available to control climate in poultry. Maintain right climate is important for health of chickens. Proper climate will help for good growth of chicken. Normally, manually poultry causes human error can occur in understanding of climatic conditions. Carbon dioxide is harmful gas and it is more near bottom area of surface, it is hard to monitor the level of Carbon dioxide near chickens in traditional poultry techniques. Light has important scope in climatic conditions of poultry. Light impacts on climate around the birds, it also helps for vision. Feed must be fresh, good quality and balanced. Providing good food to birds will help to get proper growth and healthy chicken and finally huge production in firm. Feed should have vitamins and minerals for proper growth of chicken.

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