Blockchain: A Solution for Healthcare's Cloud-Based Data Privacy and Security

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Dr. K.Sai Manoj


The gradual distribution of data and systems to the cloud, which would be propelled in part by ease and cost-cutting, is one prominent development in healthcare. Traditional cryptography approaches and access control techniques to tackle security and privacy issues have limits in a rising cloud-based environment. The recurrent regimes are a data-dense area where a massive amount of information is generated, dissipated, preserved, and retrieved sequentially. When a patient undergoes a battery of tests, data is created, which must be shared with the radiographer and subsequently with a specialist. The findings of the visit might be preserved at the recovering office and analyzed by an expert at a later point in another recuperating workplace inside the structure. Progression will play a critical role in enhancing patients' thinking and maybe cutting expenses by better managing resources like employees, equipment, and so on. Researchers look at how Blockchain technology will be used to secure cloud-based medical files in this post. Researchers also talk about the practical limitations of such an idea, as well as the necessity for more research.


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