Transformed Kappa Distribution: Properties and Applications

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Manal mousa, mahdi wahab


The article, the three parameter KappaDistribution is fixed in a Larger Family Found by introducing an additional Parameter. We generalize The Three Parameter KappaDistribution by means of the Quadratic rank transmutation PlanStudied by Shaw et al. [9] to ,develop a Transmuted Kappa proppality, Distribution(TKD)Fourparameter . function, mean residual life function and stochastic ordering have been Explained. Maximum likelihood Estimation ,Its raw moments and,CentralMoments have been Obtained. The moment based measures including coefficient of Variation, Skewness, Kurtosis and index of dispersion have been discussed. The Statistical properties,Counting hazard Degree has, been discussed for Estimating the parameters ,of The distribution. Finally, Applications of the Distribution have been ,explained with one Examples of Observed real lifetime.

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