“A New Approach to Most Advanced Technique for Data Mining of the Big Data”

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Pooja Sharma, Dr. B.D. K. Patro


     Big data is collection of very large-scale data which is generated due to usage of social networking sites, business transactions, scientific experiments, sensor networks and sharing of resources etc. Big data is dataset that has high volume and complex variety whichare difficult to handle for traditional softwares. Gartner defined 3Vs- Velocity,Variety, and Volume for Big Data(Chen, Mao and Liu, 2014). Velocity is the rate of data flow for any process,the data rate is very fast for Big data, i.e. data sharing is at a rapid rate.Data increases at a very high pace such as streaming data generated in weather reports and stock prices. Variety is collection of different types of data – structured, semi-structured and unstructured. Structured data is the type which is generated by simple mode such as business transactions.

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