A Survey: Wireless Secure Health Monitoring System

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Ayaat H. Qasem, Abeer Salim Jamil, Abdul Monem S. Rahma


Healthcare is an essential part of life, it can play a major role in improving the lives of patients, especially the most vulnerable in society, including the disabled, the elderly and the chronically ill. Many healthcare applications have been developed with the help of technology to improve people’s lives. This paper includes a studying and evaluating the performance of papers that deal with systems that uses wireless mobile to monitor patients remotely depending on the use of new methods and techniques to monitor patients, which has many advantages by allowing the patient to carry out normal daily activities at home while the patient is still being monitored using wireless device technologies. This type of implementation can be used to reduce the costs of the health sector and increase the empowerment of people to prevent chronic diseases and manage appropriate health activities through patient monitoring; the performance of a group of available research has been studied and evaluated according to the main axes to highlight the most secure and fast performing algorithm.

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