Multiplicative Triple Fibonacci Sequence of Fourth Order Under Nine Specific Schemes

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Vikas Ranga, Vipin Verma


K.T. Atanassov are Firstly established the Coupled Fibonacci Sequence in 1985. In 1987, The essence of Fibonacci Triple Sequences are examined. Fibonacci Sequence stand out as a kind of super sequence with amazing properties. This is the meteoric expansion in the province of Fibonacci Sequence. Leonardo de Pisa foremost Fibonacci’s observation on the growth of the rabbit population as a result in 1202.

Triple Fibonacci Sequence are hype in the last years, but Multiplicative Triple Sequence of Recurrence Relations are less known. Extravagant work has been done to course on Fibonacci Triple Sequence in Additive form. In 1995, Multiplicative Coupled Fibonacci Sequence are treated. Our wish of this paper to offer some results of Multiplicative Triple Fibonacci Sequence of fourth order under nine specific schemes.

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