Analyzing the Bridge Inverter Performance of Hybrid Solar and Wind System in MATLAB SIMULINK

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Kanak Singh, Jyoti Bansal


Solar and wind energy systems can operate in a standalone or grid-connected mode, but due to the stochastic nature of solar and wind energy, their efficiency is lower. This disadvantage of being unpredictable and uncontrollable is overcome by hybridized renewable energy sources with grid connected. A hybrid renewable energy system (HRES) is a system that combines renewable and conventional sources of energy, as well as two or more renewable energy sources that can operate independently or as part of a grid. Using the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment, the research focused on constructing a solar renewable power supporting the notion by several H bridge converters. The basic notion of a multilayer converter is to do power conversion by synthesis a stairway output voltages using a series of power semiconductor switches with numerous lower voltage dc sources.

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