A Light Weight Secure Data Sharing Scheme for Mobile Cloud Computing

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N. Sujata Kumari, K.Divya Charitha Yadav, Devu Asha, M.Deepika.


Background:With the rise of cloud computing. mobile devices may now store and access personal data at any time and from any location. As a result, the mobile cloud's data security issue only gets worse, impeding the technology's ability to advance. For the purpose of enhancing cloud security, extensive research has been done. The majority of them, nonetheless, are not appropriate for mobile clouds because of the constrained computational capabilities of mobile devices. Mobile cloud applications have a huge need for solutions with reduced computational overhead. For cloud computing on mobile devices, we suggest a lightweight data sharing scheme (LDSS). It adopts the CP-ABE access control technology, which is utilized in a typical cloud environment but modifies the access control tree's structure to make it appropriate for mobile cloud environments. Through the use of LDSS, a significant chunk of the computationally demanding CP-ABE access control tree transformation is transferred from mobile devices to external proxy servers in order to lower the cost of user revocation. To solve the tricky problem of lazy revocation in program based CP-ABE systems, it includes attribute description fields.

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