An effective Cloud Access Control Mechanism based on Attribute-based Key Derivation Technique

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Suresha D, Dr. K Karisiddappa


Cloud computing provides a platform for users to store and manage data. The cloud stores massive amounts of data and may be accessed by various people. Though the cloud provides data protection, the owners of vital data are concerned about the security provided by the cloud. The data owner must secure the data that will be stored in the cloud, and there is also concern about data access from the cloud. Traditional cryptographic approaches, such as symmetric and asymmetric encryption and decoding, are unsuitable for cloud data privacy and access management. To address this, attribute-based encryption is an appropriate approach for better privacy and an improved access control mechanism. To improve cloud data access, an attribute-based key generation and encryption system has been implemented. This article also allows cloud users to access only the data they need. The experimental results show that the proposed approach reduces the processing cost for key derivation. The solution ensures that registered cloud users have access to their valuable data in the cloud.

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