A Light Weight Self-Adaptive Honey Encryption for User Authentication Scheme in Cloud-IoT Health Services

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P. Renuka, Dr. B. Booba


The recent advancement in cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) paradigms, paves a way to support the patients through remote monitoring and they can enjoy their health services at home. The medical professional (MP) needs to analyze IoT health data or Electronic Health Records (EHR) from a cloud server using their authorized login credentials. However, the Cloud-IoT network is vulnerable to many malicious attacks, it is necessary to make strong user authentication. Therefore, strong user authentication is a prerequisite for a successful global deployment of centralized healthcare systems. In this paper, we present a secure, efficient authentication protocol to allow MPs to access patient data through a Cloud IoT network. The proposed protocol contains Light Weight Self-Adaptive Honey Encryption (LWSHE) for securing the Internet of Things (IoT) medical data in a cloud server.  The traditional Honey encryption algorithm has a message space limitation problem which is overcome through a discrete distribution function in Distribution Transforming Encoder (DTE) which maps the plain text strings into the seed strings. In the honey encryption algorithm, our proposed honeyword generation method can eliminate storage overhead and typo safety problems. Based on the result of the security and performance comparison analysis, the proposed protocol does not only prevents the vulnerable attacks from being performed but also achieves more complex security operations and efficient user authentication.

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