Lightweight secure Approach for IOT Devices

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Rana Fadhel Atiyah, Intisar Al-Mejibli


IoT devices are applied extensively in wide range of applications in various fields such as healthcare, military and agriculture. The data are collected by these devices from real environment and transfer it over the networks to the proper destination. Deploying IoT devices in a real-environmentfaces many challenges. Security is one of the seriousissuesin transmitted information. Due to reasons such as increasing component utilization, longer computation times, higher power consumption, and a greater need for memory, lightweight cryptography is necessary for IoT devices. In this paper presents lightweight secure approach for IoT devices. we describe Speck-U, a novel extremely lightweight cryptographic algorithm based on Speck and ECC to increase its security and then uses hash approach to increase its privacy and authentication. The results of testing the proposal demonstrate that it passes all of the NIST(15) tests.

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