Crack Behaviour in Materials: A Comparative Study

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Amin, A.Z.M., Amir, S., Kamali, M.Z.M


Crack difficulties are important research topics for multiferroic composite media, which offer a lot of potential for producing multifunctional devices. It is put into consideration the magneto-electro-thermo-elastic coupling effect. The two crack surfaces are symmetrically loaded by a combination of homogeneous thermal, magnetic, electric, and mechanical loadings. Only the shallower region of a deep flaw in the wall structure inside the skin-depth layer impacts the initial temperature Induction Thermography (IT) response while assessing ferromagnetic constructions, but the deeper part has zero influence. This paper provides an exhaustive overview of these crack behavior studies as well as proposes a course of action for future exploration. Based on the literature, three types of crack behavior, which are magnetoelastic, ferromagnetic, and piezoelectric (PE), were explored significantly. Literature reviews have indicated that the magnetoelastic crack studied is popular among researchers around the world. Besides, the procedure and conditions are easier and faster compared to ferromagnetic and PE. Future research should therefore concentrate on the investigation effects of the magnetoelastic crack.

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