Covid-19 X-Ray Scan Images Classification by Deep Learning: Review

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Sakshi Sharma, Avni Sharma


Covid-19 is a rapidly spreading viral disease that infects not only humans, but animals are also infected because of this disease. The daily life of human beings, their health, and the economy of a country are affected due to this deadly viral disease. Covid-19is a common spreading disease, and till now, not a single country can prepare a vaccine for COVID-19. The virus hassince spread rapidly to become a global pandemic (WHO,2020) , with numbers of cases and associated deaths stillincreasing on a daily basis . At present, further research on an effective screening process is required for diagnosing the virus cases and segregating the affected people. Health professionals and scientists of many countries in the world are attempting to improve their treatment plan and capacity of test through implementing multifunctional testing to stop spreading the virus and for protecting themselves from the deadly virus [2]. A clinical study of COVID-19 infected patients has shown that these types of patients are mostly infected from a lung infection after coming in contact with this disease. Chest x-ray (i.e., radiography) and chest CT are a more effective imaging technique for diagnosing lung related problems. Still, substantial chest x-ray is a lower cost process in comparison to chest CT. Deep learning technology [7,8,13] is the most successful technique of machine learning, which provides useful analysis to study a large amount of chest x-ray images that can critically impact on screening of Covid-19.

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