Uses of Artifical intelligence in Healthcare System:A Review

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Piyush gupta, Dr. Mahesh pawar, Dr. Bhupendra verma


Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way in the last several years, both in hardware implementation and software algorithms and applications. This paper examines recent advances in artificial intelligence applications in biomedicine, such as living aid, illness diagnosis, biomedical research, and biomedical information processing. It also reviews deep learning as a technique in Artificial intelligence in healthcare and compares it to traditional methods. This review will better comprehend technology availability, keep the pace of new scientific developments, appreciate the enormous potential of artificial intelligence in biomedicine, and inspire researchers working in related domains. It is fair to say that the use of AI in biomedicine is in its early stages, like artificial intelligence itself. Artificial intelligence will continue to push the boundaries and broaden the scope of its applications as new improvements and discoveries are made, and substantial advancements are projected shortly.

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