Online Programming Course Based on Gamification for First-Year Informatics Students

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H Elmunsyah, A P Wibawa, H Suswanto, W N Hidayat, F A Dwiyanto, J A Chandra, W M Utomo


Programming is an essential skill in the field of computer science. Even though many students despise programming, they are unable to abandon it. Students' interest wanes during their first year, as programming is required for first-semester syllabuses. Indeed, there is a widespread issue with students' incapacity to comprehend and apply abstract programming concepts. As a result, the purpose of this study is to create a gamified online learning platform for an online programming course. The media were created using the ADDIE methodology. The developed media will then be examined on a media and material aspects. Additionally, the students' perceptions of their desire for learning were elicited. According to the results, the students enjoy and are more interested in learning programming than in a classical way.

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