Strategic Agility Determinants: Achieving Organisational Goals in the E-Commerce Business, Thailand

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Sutana Boonlua, Christopher Gan, Sunanvadee Palasak, Nasi Chuwiruch


The key study question is how strategic agility determinants do influence organisational goals. And the objective of this study is to investigate the relationship of strategic agility determinants (operational agility, customer alertness agility, competitor awareness agility, and strategic business relationship agility) and goal achievement. This study employs dynamic capability and contingency theories to draw the conceptual model.  The data from 401 e-Commerce businesses are analysed by regression analysis to assess the variable validity, reliability and test the posited hypotheses. The results found that all determinants of organisational strategic agility including operational agility, customer alertness agility, competitor awareness agility and strategic business relationship agility positively influence goal achievement. The study suggests organisations should practice organisational strategic agility to encourage the achievement of goals and objectives by combining all detected data to better understand the unpredictable in customers’ needs or preferences and environmental turbulences. Future research can examine the analysis model in different cultural target or country contexts to validate the results of a broader business types.


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