Speech Steganography Using DWT with IPDP-MLE Approach for Defence Applications

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R. Chinna Rao, Padala Vanitha, Arunkumar Madupu, Pala Mahesh Kumar


In digital media communication, remarkable advancements have observed from the last two decades. As it doesn’t require physical media or transport, a range of benefits and business potential have provided. Because of ease of replication, unauthorized use, plasticity, and equivalence of digital works, digital media can produce various large defects for media owners. The digital media can secure through the cover writing which refers to the steganography. Accordingly, we focus on improving the hybrid speech steganography system based on FFT and DWT with IPDP-MLE approach. For embedding the secrete message, cover speech uses in speech steganography. The cover speech may contain many pauses and larger in size but it requires greater usage of power, more storage capacity, and higher computational time. It leads to the degradation of system performance. In order to eliminate the pause from cover speech signal, an intelligent pause detection protocol (IPDP) with maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) technique along with the proposed approach of FFT and DWT with IPDP- MLE. Finally, it reduces the power consumption, storage capacity, and transmission bandwidth compared to the state-of-art approaches.

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