Using the Technology Acceptance Model to Understand the Adoption of the E-Vehicle Insurance Services Application in Saudi Arabia

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Marwah Ahmed Halwani


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has digitized certain official procedures to facilitate their use by residents. The objective of the current study is to evaluate the experience of using the E-Vehicle Insurance Services mobile application, employing the Technology Acceptance Model. E-Vehicle Insurance Services is a mobile application that facilitates the reporting of traffic accidents by automatically sending an accident report to the respective insurance company. For this purpose, a mixed-method study was conducted to determine beneficiaries’ opinions regarding the ease of use, usefulness, satisfaction, and quality of the function for reporting accidents of the E-Vehicle Insurance Services mobile application. The results showed that citizens gave low ratings to the ease of use, usefulness, and satisfaction of the services application, indicating that it did not adequately facilitate their tasks in handling accident claims. This suggests that citizens do not have the knowledge necessary to use the application.

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