Estimation of Survival Function for type II Control Data Subject to Mixed Distribution (Topp-Leone-Exponential-Weibull) Using Least Squares Method

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Abdul Amir Taima Bandar, Ahmed Hamza Abood


The study of the survival function of living organisms and the application of modern functions for the purpose of estimating them is one of the important matters that took the greatest part among researchers in the last decade, as the new proposed distribution (top-leon-exponential-whipple) was used to estimate the survival function for control data of the second type, as it was used The least squares method in estimating distribution parameters, including estimating the survival function, if a sample of (100) observations was taken representing patients in Nasiriyah Heart Center and the amputation rate was 30%. The difference between any two time periods of the survival function is a small difference and its variance as well, and this indicates the presence of convergence between the times of death for every two consecutive people.

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