A Review on Various Methods of Cryptography for Cyber Security

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Dr. Sunny Arora


 In the today’s world of digital communication networks, the privacy and security of the transmitted data has become a basic necessity for communication. Data Security is the science and study of techniques of securing data in computer and communication systems from unknown users, disclosures and modifications. Cyber security issues plays a vital role in moving towards digital information age. Therefore, the encryption and decryption systems have been implemented for protecting information. The internet users are rapidly increasing day by day which causes a lot of cyber-criminals. The security of not only the single system but the entire systems will be ensured by the task of network security and controlled by network administrator. In this paper, an attempt has been made to review the various methods of Cryptography and how these methods will help to secure data from unauthenticated users. This paper has primarily focused on Cyber Security and Cryptographic concepts. This paper has also discusses the various attacks and cryptographic algorithms that are used in various applications of cyber security.

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