Smart Algorithms to Secure Web Based Applications from SQL Injection Attacks

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S. Shanmuganathan, D. Srinivasan


This paper proposes a Multiplicative Inverse Based Data Encryption Module to secure Web Based Applications from SQL injections attacks. There are different methods to perform SQL injections attacks which are reviewed before this research work. The objective of this work is to enhance the security of Web based apps from SQL injections attacks. In order to enhance the security of Web based apps, Multiplicative Inverse based module is proposed. In the proposed Registration module, the user password is compressed and encrypted and saved it in Web Database. MATLAB Simulation tool is used for the simulation of results and output retrieved from proposed work. A comparative analysis of Proposed Work and Existing Security Technique is made to highlight the efficiency and applicability of this work. After encryption of data there should be negligible probability of attacking or hacking of Databases.

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