Aknaf Website: Interactive Website to Automate the Institution’s Work

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Bedour Aljindan, Renad Alrabeea, Leena Kanadiley, Wafa Alsharekh, Renad Alghamdi


Technology is occupying a big part of our lives, which could become an essential part. All institutions these days need the use of technology to reach their peak and succeed. yet unfortunately, there is a large percentage of educational centers and consulting institutions that do not have a digital strategy, despite the advantages they could gain from technology. A meeting was held with the administrators of the Aknaf institution to discuss the problems they are facing. This project aims to develop a website for Aknaf institution, which is interesting because Aknaf still performing all their task manually without any help of technology. Current commercially available websites do not cater for all requirements.  This paper will help Aknaf institution to make things easier and to achieve its desired goal to reach the largest segment of beneficiaries and save operation costs for the institution. However, such a website can be extended to work in other consultation institutions.

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