Cloud Based Monitored System for Smart Agriculture

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G. Saraswathi, K. Kavitha


Farmers used to evaluate the soil's maturity and manipulate suspicions in order to generate which type of yield. They can't be responsible for humidity, water level, or any other variables. Especially concerning are the horrible weather conditions that are wreaking havoc on farms. Agriculture is being transformed by the Internet of Things (IOT). Agriculturists overcome problems in the field by delivering a varied range of services methods, such as precision farming and practical farming. With the help of IOT modernization, crop web- based examination permits the discovery of wild plants, water levels, bug locations, creature disturbance in the field, trim development, and horticulture. IoT allows farmers to connect to their homes from anywhere and at any time. Remote sensor structures are used to monitor the homestead's conditions, while smaller scale controllers are used to control and mechanize the home shapes. To watch the occurrences as photographs and films from a distance, remote cameras were used.

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