A Study on the Quality of Work life among academicians with Special Reference to Education Industry in Chennai

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Mr. M. Andrew George Dev, Dr. Dhivya Sathish


Positive outcomes are produced by having a high Quality of Work Life (QWL) in any organisation. On QWL, numerous investigations have already been conducted. However, our study differs from previous research since we tried to concentrate on the main issues (QWL-related) that academic staff at educational institutions in Chennai experience. The study's objective was to determine respondents' perceived QWL status. 500 academicians from different private educational institutions in Chennai make up the sample. The level of job satisfaction among academics has been steadily declining in recent days, despite the fact that their preferred field of employment is teaching. And the quality of the work life is directly tied to job satisfaction. The features and factors from QWL reviews and questionnaires from earlier studies were used to build the questionnaire. The purpose of this study was to identify the key elements influencing QWL and provide the necessary recommendations for further improvement. The study's findings demonstrate that the respondents' QWL is not in a better state. There are numerous elements that have a significant impact on the respondents' QWL. Mainly Salary, bias in task assignment, and leave. The key to a nation's prosperity is higher education since it boosts its economic potential and promotes its growth. It is the responsibility of educational staff to comprehend and transform students' energy and knowledge in an effective and efficient manner. Numerous studies have shown that the quality of work life (QWL) is one of the most crucial and useful tools for human resource management. Work-life balance has long been a concern for people who are interested in the quality of working life and how it relates to overall quality of life. It can be challenging to juggle a fulfilling profession with a personal or family life, and this can affect a person's job satisfaction and personal obligations, including academic ones in higher education. Initiatives to improve quality of life at work inspire employees by assisting them in balancing their personal, professional, and social lives, which increases job satisfaction.

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