Employing ADDIE Instructional Design Model for Educational Digital Game-based Learning

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Mohammad Taufiq Abdul Ghani, Wan Ab Aziz Wan Daud, Mohd Akashah Mohd Yusof


Multiple studies have revealed that the traditional teacher-centred approach where the teacher merely lists words for students to memorise along with their lexical meaning is inadequate. Students often to use the dictionary to find the meaning of new words and recorded in a notebook so that one day it could look them up, learn and memorise them. In order to transform the conventional method into a digital game-based method, educators need tools to ensure that they take a systematic approach when developing learning tools. Using an instructional design model help the educators accomplish the task by giving them a guide to follow to ensure the learning tools meet the needs of the target learners. Therefore, this study explains the ADDIE instructional design model stages for developing an educational digital for language learning.

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