Variable Frequency Pulse Control of Llc Resonant Dc-Dc Converter Using Rbfn-Ann Algorithm for Low Voltage Application

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R. Arul Jose, P. Ebby Darney, Bharathi V, Udhyami M B


For front end DC/DC conversion in a distributed power system, an LLC resonant converter is proposed in this paper. LLC resonant converters show good efficiency, soft switching and high frequency operation over the traditional conventional converters. The proposed converter has its own advantage of inherently isolated by a high frequency transformer. Also due to high frequency operation, the cost and size of the magnetic components and resonant components are decreased. A robust neural network controller-based LLC resonant converter is used to control the nonlinear phenomenon and to generate low voltage (24V, 192W) for wide range of load by applying variable frequency control. The resonant converter is subjected to Fundamental Harmonic Approximation (FHA), an analysis tool to obtain the DC voltage transfer function. The operation and salient features are discussed and a comparison of the efficiency of this converter with conventional and RBFN controllers shows a prodigious improvement.

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