Systematic Review of Data Deduplication in Cloud Storage and its Challenges

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K. E. Narayana, K. Jayashree


In recent years, the data storage system plays important role in the technology called big data management and cloud storage systems. Duplication of the data in the cloud system is a key problem, which decreases the data storage efficiency in the system. To avoid this problem, the data deduplication technology helps to improve the efficiency of the data storage systems. The data deduplication shrinks the need for storage by removing and avoiding uploads of duplicate data in the particular cloud environment. The integrity and confidentiality of the data are essential factors of the data deduplication technologies. As well as, the security measure of the data storage systems needs to be considered while building the data deduplication technologies. Because most common data encryption algorithms cannot be applied while performing the data deduplication process. This paper describes the process behind the data deduplication  and analyzes various data deduplication techniques in terms of security threats.

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