Ni-Co-S Electro Plated Alloy Thin Films: Investigation on Current Density of Electrolytic Solution

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T. Baskar, A. Shaji George, A. Shahul Hameed, A. S. Hovan George


Electrodeposition was used to deposit nanocrystalline Ni-Co-S alloy thin films on a copper substrate at various current densities. The structural, mechanical, and magnetic properties of electrodeposited Ni-Co-S thin films were investigated. The SEM images of NiCoS thin films reveal that the deposits are crack-free, homogeneous, and brilliant, with tiny grain sizes. All of the electrodeposited Ni-Co-S films had an FCC crystalline structure with nanoscale crystalline size. The saturation magnetisation value of NiCoS thin films coated at 3 mA/cm2 has the highest saturation magnetisation value with the lowest coercivity, according to the VSM results. NiCoS thin films are used to make super capacitors because of their high magnetisation value and low coercivity.

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