Application of Queuing Theory and Traffic Management: A Theoretical Approach

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Naveen Kumar, Deepak


The process of increasing disturbance in the flow of traffic is what generates traffic management issues. The growing number of vehicles on Indian roadways is the major source of the country's deteriorating traffic congestion, which in turn produces a slew of additional problems. The current article provides a more in-depth explanation of queuing theory and some of its most prominent applications. This research investigates the importance of queuing theory in the context of the traffic management system for the Indian cities of Bhopal, Indore, and Ujjain. The cities for this research were chosen at random. This study presents a detailed examination of the many conclusions provided by queuing theory in the fields of waiting time, utilisation analysis, and system design. The traffic crowd follows a steady pattern throughout the day, and the proper individuals have grown to accept it as part of their daily routine.

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