Energy Generation through Multiple Renewable Sources for Low Power Gadgets

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Khushboo, Rishu Bhatia


As time progresses, the demand for energy continues to rise, leading to the exploration of various energy sources. The global population is growing exponentially, resulting in a substantial energy requirement. Consequently, the world has been shifting towards renewable energy resources, as non-renewable resources are expected to be depleted in the near future. Our research focuses on designing a Simulink model for energy harvesting, utilizing multiple renewable energy sources. This model can be tailored to meet the energy harvesting needs of both large and small grids. Our Simulink model integrates wind energy, solar energy, piezoelectricity, and thermoelectricity as renewable energy resources. With these resources, we can ensure that at least one energy source will be available for harvesting. Furthermore, we anticipate that in the future, a radio frequency energy resource model could be integrated to enhance the system's robustness.

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