Categorization Of Micro-Plastic Concentration in Groundwater and Freshwater by Support Vector Machine Or SVMS

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M. Madhulatha, Farooq Sunar Mahammad, P Sainiharika, B Sai Sri Harshitha, Bhuma Harshitha, B Sai Jyothi, K Sharana Priya


Among various models, the Support Vector Machine has been set up by having factors such as the minimum as well as the maximum size of the waste that is created by Micro-plastic and the level of concentration of micro-plastic in the groundwater measured in PPM. With the help of this study, we will be able to find out the patterns of the type of micro-plastic that are concentrated in which kind of water bodies. There are certain projected patterns that the concentration level of micro-plastic contamination in the seawater is lower due to possible deregulation. However, in Lake water, these concentration levels are much higher. Henceforth the above perceptions might or might not be justified by using the trained Support Vector Machine model which has been Stated.

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