Enterprise Resource Planning Based Mobile Application For Hospitals To Manage Covid-19 Division

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Farooq Sunar Mahammad, Shaik Haji Gulab, Thummala Pavani, Gedda Swathi, Singireddy Anusha, K Haritha


The introduction of Enterprise Resources Planning or ERP-based mobile application was initiated in hospitals to manage the COVID-19 infections which are represented here to procure, allocate as well as alert those health care experts who are involved in various kinds of resources such as oxygen supply, drugs as well as the availability of beds. A very simple top-down information is the main basis on which the application is performing. At least one other person will be updating various resources and the data which is validated. The application will also include different profiles of various health care experts such as doctors, nurses as well as ward attendees. Shortly after work, various portfolios could be provided to those individuals who are the personal attendees of any patient.

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