Role of Business Model Innovation in Fireworks Sectoring During Pre and Post Covid19

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Mr. J. Srinivasan, Mr. M. Ram Kumar


In India, 9% of the production of fireworks is at Sivakasi alone. This business is a highly profitable one in Sivakasi 0 for the employers. Around 3000 crore worth of firecrackers were produced in 2020. But during this lockdown period, it was Rs. 1500 crore. The market for fireworks is likely to grow at the rate of 10 percent per annum. Nearly five hundred factories are running in Sivakasi. After the ban, the impact would be around 500 crore losses. It is the livelihood of Eight Lakhs Workers. This pandemic hits fireworks industries also. This article focuses that, how fireworks industries sustained during this pandemic situation and the Business model innovation of that in pre and post covid19.

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