A Comparative Study of Two Methods of Fuzzy Ranking

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S.A. Choudhari , D.G. Regulwar, P. Anand Raj


Ranking of fuzzy numbers is one of the important studies in the development of fuzzy set theory and decision making process. Wang and Lee [1] while highlighting the drawback of the method - ranking fuzzy numbers with an area between the centroid point and origin point method, proposed by Chu and Tsao [2000] presented a revised method. In this paper these two methods are compared with another method RANFUW: RANking FUzzy Weights proposed by Anand Raj [12] where a maximizing set, minimizing set and total utility concepts were proposed for the ranking of fuzzy numbers. For the comparative study the fuzzy numbers used by Chu and Tsao were considered. In addition, ranking of some special types of fuzzy numbers are also tried to compare the results. From this study, it is observed that RANFUW method is as simple as the other methods. It gives better results in both normalized and non-normalized fuzzy numbers without checking further the intermediate steps or requirements as required in the other methods.

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