Scalable face image retrieval using AESC technique

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Pratima Amol Kalyankar, Altaf O. Mulani, Sampada P. Thigale,, Pranali Gajanan Chavhan, Makarand M. Jadhav


Photographs with individuals (e.g., family, companions, superstars, and so on.) are the real enthusiasm of clients. In this way, with the exponentially developing photographs, extensive scale content-based face picture recovery is an empowering innovation for some rising applications. Many literatures uses naturally recognized human characteristics that contain semantic prompts of the face photographs to enhance content based confront recovery by building semantic codewords for effective huge scale confront recovery. By utilizing human properties in a versatile and deliberate system, we reviewed two orthogonal   techniques attribute-enhanced sparse coding and attribute embedded modified ordering to enhance the face recovery in the disconnected and online stages. This paper also provides a survey on different techniques for Scalable Face Image Retrieval Using Sparse Codewords.

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