Covid-19 Integrated Inventory Model with Lead Time and Ordering Cost Reduction Using Linear Case Function

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I. Antonitte Vinoline, P. Janavarthini


COVID 19’s social distancing limits health and economic driven demand shift are predicted to close a number of small companies and Entrepreneurial endeavours, although there is little or no early evidence of their effects. This paper shows the large impact on small business during COVID 19, the inventory policy is developed for an item with stock level a demand rate that is dependent on storage time and a holding cost that is based on storage time. The main contribution of this study is that the integrated total cost of the suppliers and consumers integrated system is analysed by adopting linear type ordering cost reduction act dependent on lead time.  An algorithm procedure for finding the optimal solution is developed. The mathematical model is solved analytically by minimizing the integrated total cost and the numerical examples are given to illustrate the results.

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