Accident Detection and Alert System (Current Location) Using Global Positioning System

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Umakant Dinkar Butkar, Dr. Nisarg Gandhewar


Road accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the US. An essential indicator of post-accident survival rates is the time between accidents and when paramedics are dispatched to the scene. Spending time between the occurrence of an accident and when first responders are sent to the background reduces the risk of death. Another way to eliminate delays between an accident and first responder is to use automatic vehicle accident detection systems and alerts, which are audible in the event of a road accident and immediately notify emergency personnel. Send a post-accident server, and provide status awareness with photos, GPS coordinates, VOIP communication channels, and accident data recording. This paper offers the following contributions to the traffic risk identification study for smartphones: we present the official risk detection model that combines sensor and contextual data and demonstrates how smartphone sensors, network connectivity, and web services can be used to provide conditions to alert first responders and provide robust results the effectiveness of the various methods used by smartphone risk detection systems to prevent false positives

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