Online Voting System

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Mrs. Saratha. M , Rubasri. M, Sindhu. M


Traditional voting systems should be computerized to reduce the vote counting time, to provide evidence that a vote is being correctly accounted, to reduce fraud, remove errors in filling out ballots, to improve system usability for people with special needs.


E-voting increasingly replacing traditional paper based systems. This raises several security issues, given that democratic principles depend on the electoral process’s integrity. An electronic voting system must ensure the voter’s authenticity, anonymity. It must also ensure audit ability in a software or hardware environment that could malfunction.


In this System the fingerprints of all voters and details are stored before the election. The voters have to register their fingerprints on the day of election through online; this will be compared with the already stored prints. If both matches their votes will be taken in to the account and if not their vote will be discarded.


So No one can vote for others this will reduce the illegal votes. User can view all the nominees in their district with their corresponding party symbols. They can also view how many votes are registered before they are going to register their votes, this may be useful to know the leading result.

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