Preface to 'EduQual': A Blockchain-based Platform to Securely Track&TraceEducational Qualifications

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Dr. B. Chandrasekaram


Blockchain is a technology that can generate trust and confidence in a trustless environment. Blockchain has already gained tremendous popularity across disciplines due to its incredible characteristics and features. As a decentralized and distributed ledger, Blockchain can immutably record information. Blockchain has a lot of opportunities in the domain of education. This paper presents a blockchain-based secure platform called 'EduQual' for recording the qualification details of candidates. Unlike the available frameworks reported in the literature, EduQual can securely track the qualification details across various education levels, starting from the secondary level.The same platform can be used for employment agencies and industries to verify the qualifications of candidates as part of the recruitment process. The proposed framework can prevent the usage of forged qualification documentsthat spoils the reputation and quality of education.EduQual can facilitate several benefits to the stakeholders, including improved trust and confidence,a high level of coordination; low cost; and high reliability.

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