An Investigation of AODV and DSR Based Routing Protocol for Mobile ADHOC Network

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Asma Ahmed, Dr. Ajay Tiwari


The ad hoc wireless sector of the wireless industry is becoming increasingly important. Although other network technologies like Internet Protocol (IP) and cell coverage are making headway, ad-hoc wireless networks still have the upper hand. MAN stands for "Mobile Ad Hoc Network," and it refers to a network of people who use mobile phones to communicate with one another. These users have a limited amount of battery life and a weak wireless connection. In addition to this, ad hoc routing strategies have been developed. Ad hoc routing solutions, on the other hand, have a lot of disadvantages. Here is an illustration of a cross that consists of AODV, EXT, BP, and DSR. You will learn everything there is to know about AODV and the characteristics of AODV at this convention. This convention offers information that is both more accurate and more reliable than others because it makes use of the AODV convention and the DSR protocol. In addition, by making use of the Bayesian probability hypothesis, it lowers the amount of energy that is used and improves the effectiveness of the transmission of information.

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