India’s Act East Policy with ASEAN countries: Manipur’s outlook

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Dr. Ksh Narayan Singh, Prof. N Tejmani Singh


Association of South-East Asian Nations(ASEAN)-India is a strategic collaboration standpoint on a compacted groundwork of mutual geographical, historical and civilizational relations. ASEAN is central to Act East Policy and a more comprehensive vision of the Indo-Pacific region. The year 2022 has marked 30 years of ASEAN-India relationships. India and ASEAN have respective dialogue mechanisms which convene the economic relationship between India and ASEAN commenced in 1992 as both regions documented each other’s trade competencies. The relationship has since been supported by India’s growing manufacturing facility and the rise of ASEAN’s services area exports, specifically travel, transport, and commercial services. Manipur can become a gateway to the dynamic Southeast Asian economics, which can help the trade and commerce with our eastern neighbours flourish and must be pursued with commitment and determination by the central government. The Act East Policy is of added interest to the Northeast. The traded goods can reap an additional commercial advantage.   Efforts ought to be directed to build up physical and institutional infrastructure. This paper critically analyzed the probable relationship of India's Act East policy with  ASEAN and  Manipur’s Opportunities. 

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